Take care of your horse,

yourself and the planet...


The story

I have created Nat’ESKIN because I could not find any healing and soothing skin care, effective for my mare,
and at the same time without any risks for my baby’s health or mine.
My mare suffered an appalling injury , on her back legs, and I could not use any healing cream containing essential oils : most of the essential oils are forbidden during pregnancy and breast-feeding, because of the toxicity for babies ! I have therefore created a healing solution, highly effective, certified organic, based on natural ingredients.
Absolute safety for my mare, myself and the environnement ! Yes, our beautiful planet is also preserved : natural, organic, biodegradable and above all 100% recyclable after use. The secret ? With an innovative complex of ingredients of the highest quality, the natural skin defences are strengthened. Skin repair is quick and efficient. Natural elasticity is recovered and hair regrows its natural colour.
The application is pain-free, which makes it even easier with baby in baby carrier !

Product innovation

1st healing formula awarded ecological and organic for your horse !


The essential product to soothe your mount and yourself, skin rubbing, itching, rashes, insect bites, sunburns, scratches…

in all, any skin inconvenience !

Nateskin Gel réparateur has been developed specifically without any essential oil, for a maximum security, for your horse and yourself.

You can forget the protection glove for the application and a horse not willing to be treated because of stinging often creatred by essential oils 

This repairing gel has been formulated without doping substances. Control method is available here.

To provide you with maximum guarantees, a skin irritation test has been performed under dermatological control : Nateskin Gel Réparateur is validated NON-IRRITANT.

And the laboratory Nateskin went a mile further : global security confirmed by an independant toxicological expert.

Nateskin Laboratory wanted to be controlled by an independant certification body, Ecocert Greenlife, under the standard Ecosoins Bio des Animaux. Standard available at http://ecosoins.ecocert.com.

The certifier studies carefully all the ingredients of the formula, manufacturing processes, cleaning products for the production site, packaging materials, Quality control procedures and the Environmental Management System.

Nateskin is proud today to be the 1st brand for your horse skin care to obtain this challenging certification !


7 applications

Hollow of the pastern


2 applications

Corner lip area


4 applications


Bottle manufactured in Germany, not China, to reduced carbon footprint

and therefore impact on the environment

Optimised closure

for product preservation

50ml volume studied for an optimum use : no waste when product stays open during months without being used

Airless bottle to protect against outside impurities : 

clean conditions guaranteed

100% recyclable packaging :
don’t forget to keep it for the recycling bin after use !​
Even the label is made from natural origin materials, printed by a local company concerned with the environment.
The environment impact is reduced at best also during production. The cold manufacturing process, specifically developed by Nateskin Laboratory, preserves the high quiality ingredients and allows minimising energy expenses.
Manufacturing process respectful of the planet !

Repairing gel


Nateskin Gel réparateur combines :

  • a noble aloe vera juice, organic certified, chosen for its particular richness in healing and soothing actives ;

  • a natural origin active known for its moisturising properties ;

  • a natural prebiotic innovation that rebalances the cutaneous flora and helps regenerating your horse skin.


The hydrophilic film protect from insects and dirt and enables an easy application any season of the year : no more greasy product that drips on your horse hair under the sun and sticks on the skin during cleaning.


Concentrated formula : 98% active ingredients ! Each ingredient has been chosen for its active properties in the product, with no diluting ingredient such as water or waxes.


13 allée de la chênaie, 26320 Saint-Marcel-Lès-Valence, France

Tel : 06 84 78 17 44

Email : nateskin@ecomail.fr

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